The omniORB is installed on /proj/irt-ps3/ORB/omni.

It is probably easiest if you include the information below in your login script.

export OMNI_ROOT=/proj/irt-ps3/ORB/omni/omniORB_280
export OMNIORB_CONFIG=$OMNI_ROOT/config/omniORB.cfg
export PATH=$PATH:$OMNI_ROOT/bin/sun4_sosV_5.5


The README.unix is a pretty good quick start. The real documentation is in $OMNI_ROOT/doc. The examples ($OMNI_ROOT/src/examples) compiled without any problems (they each even have a README that describes how to run them!)

Name server

The name server is running on cain. If omniNames isn't already running:

$OMNI_ROOT/bin/sun4_sosV_5.5/omniNames -start 12345

If you run it anywhere other than cain.clic, you'll need to update $OMNI_ROOT/config/omniORB.cfg (the 12345 is the port number).

Compiling and running

Only the sun C++ compiler (cc /import/pkg/SUNWspro/bin/cc (and CC)) can be used. Version 4.2 has to be used, not version 5.0. The latter, available as /opt/SUNWspro/bin/cc, will generate license manager errors and apparently doesn't work correctly, either. Include /import/pkg/SUNWspro/bin in your PATH, as the Makefiles won't work otherwise. You can use the dbx debugger in the same directory.

The name services should always be running now (on cain) since I setup a script that checks and, if not up, restarts it (Alex said they try to keep these type things out of inittab).

  1. Compile the IDL using omniidl2. It is located in $OMNI_ROOT/bin/sun4_sosV_5.5

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