Submitting Your Homework

To submit your homework, please adhere to the following:
  1. All homework is to be submitted using the submit script. To use the submit script, create a directory, copy all files to be submitted into this directory and then execute " ~amini/submit/submit ".
  2. The submit utility should be executed from a CLIC system ( You may also submit from, but remember that the assignment will be tested on a CLIC system.
  3. Your submit directory may contain subdirectories if you choose, but dividing your work into subdirectories is not required.
  4. IMPORTANT: The root of your submit directory must include (at least) the following files (with the specified filename):
    Contains the writeups for all exercises which required analysis or discussion. The format for this file may be text (WRITEUP.txt), postscript (, or pdf (WRITEUP.pdf).
    Contains the a listing of files submitted and a brief summary of each files' contents. If the exercise does not dictate the target operating system (SunOS or Linux) for a program, the target OS must be specified in the description.
    input for "make" command to build submitted source code. If you store your code in subdirectories, you are not required to have a single integrated make file, but the TA should be able to compile any submitted programs by entering "make" either at the root of your submit directory, or within the subdirectory where the code is located.

    If program output is requested as part of any of the exercises, the file containing the output must be named with the extension .out (for example, q2.efence.out). Alternatively, you may include the output in your writeup.

  5. If you are unable to submit all of your homework by the deadline, you may submit the remaining portions according to the Homework Policy. However, the following rules will be used to apply late penalties.