Syllabus Advanced Internet Services Spring 2015

The schedule is subject to change.

Session Date Topics Assignment
102/02 Course logistics; Internet review (interfaces, architecture, protocols)
202/09 Internet review (layering, network evolution, traffic, reality)
302/16 Internet standardization (ITU, 3GPP, IETF); regulation
402/23 Internet access technology (landline: DSL, cable)
503/02 Internet access technology (wireless: cellular, Wi-Fi, satellite)
603/09 Regulation (common carriers); network neutrality and the open Internet
7 (midterm)03/23 midterm (in class) solution
803/30 Location-identifier separation and new Internet architectures (HIP, LISP, ICN, SDN/NFV, P2P)
904/06 Audio: characteristics, coding, QoE
1004/13 Open Internet
1104/20 Audio: characteristics, coding, QoE
1204/24 (Mudd 644) Audio: encoding, quality, packet loss; video: color, human perception
1304/27 Video: lossless and lossy coding (JPEG, MPEG, H.264); IPv6; VoIP: architecture, protocols (RTP, SIP, XMPP, webRTC)
1405/04 Network security: privacy issues; classical and post-firewall approaches  
Project demos 05/07 Room 644 Mudd
Final exam 05/11
Report due 05/15

Classes marked with (*) may be rescheduled due to travel, typically to the following week.