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Real-Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)

The Real-Time Streaming Protocol allows to control multimedia streams delivered, for example, via RTP. Control includes absolute positioning within the media stream, recording and possibly device control.

RTSP is a proposed standard (RTSP Resource Center.


The Internet drafts used to create the RFC are also available in other formats:

These can also be found in the archive for MMUSIC drafts

The current version of RTSP is based on the original proposal by Anup Rao and Rob Lanphier and the RTSP' proposal by Henning Schulzrinne.


Overview slides PDF
Henning Schulzrinne
Sept. 1997

Talk at RealMedia conference
Henning Schulzrinne
RealMedia Conference, San Francisco, CA. March 4, 1997.

MMUSIC WG presentation (six slides per page)
Henning Schulzrinne
Internet Engineering Task Force, San Jose, CA. Dec. 9, 1996

BOF presentation
Henning Schulzrinne
MMUSIC BOF, SRI. Nov. 1996

Related papers can be found in the IRT research pages on Internet multimedia.

Working Group

  • Message to the MMUSIC WG about the future direction of RTSP (Dec. 19, 1996)

    Port Numbers

    The following ports have been registered with IANA:

    rtsp            554/tcp    Real Time Stream Control Protocol
    rtsp            554/udp    Real Time Stream Control Protocol
    rtsp-alt        8554/tcp   RTSP Alternate (see port 554)
    rtsp-alt        8554/udp   RTSP Alternate (see port 554)

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