DataBeam H.323 Toolkit Series

H.323 Toolkit Series
1.0 (5/1997)
The DataBeam H.323 Toolkit Series provides the same H.323 technology used in Microsoft's NetMeeting and Intel's Internet Video Phone. The toolkits include: H.323 Core Toolkit - a portable, standards-compliant code base that manages Call Control and RTP/RTCP functionality. H.323 Value Pack - a set of added value components for H.323 development on the Windows platform H.323 Gatekeeper Toolkit - a portable, standards-based solution for H.323 Gatekeeper functionality.
DataBeam Corp.
Audio encodings:
Value Pack Media Services Manager (MSM) distributes audio and video streams between the Streams MSP and any audio or video MSPs in the application. Audio and Video MSP facilities include support of the Payload Preparation Module (PPM), codec APIs and integration APIs for linking to audio and video devices.
Video encodings:
See above.
IP multicast/unicast
Windows'95, Windows NT (x86)
RTP Status:
RFC 1889, RFC 1890, H.323
Licensed in object or source code, except for the Codec Pack, which is available in object code form only. Terms of licensing vary, depending on the specific needs of customers.
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