How to get access to IRT internal web pages

  1. First get your-unix-id added to the "irt" Unix group by sending an email to Henning or crf @cs.columbia.edu
  2. Generate your password for accessing the files as follows. Login to a Solaris machine such as cluster.cs.columbia.edu. Then run the following command using correct value for your-unix-id, and supply any password. Please keep this password different from your unix password as the HTTP password will be sent in clear text on the Internet.
    /home/hgs/sun5/bin/htpasswd /import/html/IRT/.basic your-unix-id
  3. Now you should be able to visit the IRT internal web pages, and you can see instructions on how to modify your information on the web site such as your home page URL, you project information., etc.
  4. You can send the following information to the webmaster so that you don't have to edit your own information in /import/html/IRT/people/index.cgi. Please use the exact verbatim format below since this is inserted in the Tcl code; any change (e.g., "Work on" instead of "WorkOn") will cause problem. If your name is longer than 20 alphabets please provide initials for first-name instead. Avoid middle name or use initials.
      unix-id    {
         Name: First-name Last-name
         City: Name of your native place. (this is displayed in the map also)
         Location: location of your native place if not a well known place.
                 e.g., "near Delhi" or "south-most Japan"
         Degree: MS/PhD/Visitor/Post-doc/Researcher
         Joined: Spring 2005
         Phone: 212-939-7040 (If you want it to be listed on the web page.)
         Email: user@domain (if you want it to be listed.)
         Web: Your web page URL, e.g., http://www.cs.columbia.edu/~unix-id
         Sex: Female/Male
         WorkOn: high level research topics you (will) work on,
            e.g., Internet telephony, 802.11 Wireless hand-off.
  5. After any change to any .cgi file, please re-run make in /import/html/IRT directory on Solaris machine to re-generate the .html file.