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This version of the network bibliography is no longer supported. An automatically generated index of published papers handled by EDAS can be found at Roland Bless maintains a current list of BibTeX entries for RFCs.

The Network Bibliography consists of about 50,000 references, mostly to journal articles, conference papers and technical reports. It contains all RFCs and Internet Drafts from about 1998 until 2005 or so. The database covers performance evaluation, computer networks, computer supported cooperative work, network security, digital signal processing and related topics. The database is searched about 120 times a day.

The maintainer of this database does not have access to the papers themselves and cannot provide copies. Please contact your local library or the authors (found, e.g., via a web search).

You can search or add to the database. You must be registered with EDAS to add papers. Soon, authors will be able to edit their own papers.

A list of "classical" papers and reference lists is also available.

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