SDP: Session Description Protocol


SDP describes multimedia sessions (e.g., use of codecs and receiver IP addresses and ports). It is used by SAP, SIP, RTSP and H.332.


Addresses = at port 9875

For local scope groups, at In general, the highest address in all administrative scope zones should be used.


Cisco (Precept) You put the unicast address of the server into the c= line in a .SDP file. You can give that .SDP file as a command-line argument. Actually, it's the caudio= or cvideo= line since the format of the .SDP file is non-standard. This is due to an early decision to allow using Microsoft's .INI file parser. We are going to reverse that decision and change to the standard format in an upcoming release. You can get examples of the format in the GUIDE.TVG file that is fetched by IP/TV from the Program Guide (e.g., here at Precept).

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