Public Internet Access

Wayport offers access in hotels and in Chicago's O'Hare airport (ORD), with wireless (WaveLAN 802.11) and wired access. The SSID in Chicago is "Wayport_Access".

Public internet kiosk

Can't stay off the Net? San Diego-based Atcom Inc. has developed an ATM-like Internet kiosk for surfers on the run. For a minimum payment of $6 for 15 minutes, users can check e-mail or cruise the Web; $20 buys an hour of kiosk time. The machines will debut at the San Diego Convention Center and Atcom hopes to place more kiosks in airports and hotels later this year. (Investor's Business Daily 7 Mar 96 A8)

Holiday Inn plans Internet PC test

Two Atlanta-area Holiday Inn Select hotels will participate in a 100-day pilot program during the Olympics this summer. Fifty rooms in each hotel will be equipped with TVs linked to Pippin Internet PCs from Bandai Digital Entertainment Corp., which has licensed the Pippin hardware design and operating software from Apple. The company also plans to test Oracle's highly touted Internet PC, but it probably won't be ready for this summer's trial. The in-room devices will be linked via 28.8-kbps modem to a "proxy server" in the hotel, which will be linked via ISDN to a local Internet access firm. (Investor's Business Daily 12 Mar 96 A8)

Hotel to wire every room

April 3, 1997
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Henning Schulzrinne