NTP (Network Time Protocol)

Dave Mills writes on 3 Jan 1997:
You need to buy a Motorola MX4200 GPS receiver and level converter box. Easiest way to get the exact order info may be to contact ISI. The receiver doesn't cost much ($350?), but you need to sling the antenna where it can see the horizon in most directions, like on the roof, and run wires to the router.
Richard Nelson writes:
The device we decided on picks up GPS info and sits on the network and provides the time data in NTP (version 2 and 3) as well as time code, 1pps, and frequency reference signals. Its a Tymserve 2100 GPS from Datum-Bancomm, and lists for about $6,000.
Also: TrueTime NTS ($3k) Win2K network time

Last modified: 1997-01-06
Henning Schulzrinne