Internet Telephony Training

Internet Telephony and Voice-over-Packet Networks

(2 days); Various locations Business Communications Review

This course is designed for telecommunications managers, voice administrators, Internet administrators, intranet managers and administrators, network designers, carrier, ISP, and vendor personnel.

Introduction to Voice/Fax Over IP

2 days; Various locations

By Global Knowledge Network

This course will give you a real-world, multivendor and multiple options look at integrating your voice and fax traffic over your current data networks. Analyze, discuss, and demonstrate cost vs. latency issues. Review and demonstrate software and hardware voice signal to IP packet conversion and compression options. Design real-world feasible voice over data network solutions that match your current data network capabilities through several case studies.

Internet Telephony

3 days UCLA

This course covers key technical aspects of Internet packet telephony, including architectural models, compression agorithms, transport protocols, quality of service issues, Internet multicast, middleware services, packet telephony standards, and Internet telephony products and services. Participants review background material covering the necessary fundamentals of networking, multimedia, and digital signal processing. The course also includes a hands-on demonstration of Internet telephony in a laboratory to illustrate the user experience on the Internet.

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