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Internet Telephony
Lee W. Knight, William Lehr and David D. Clark (eds.)
MIT Press.

Internet telephony is the integration and convergence of voice and data networks, services, and applications. The rapidly developing technology can convert analog voice input to digital data, send it over available networked channels, and then convert it back to voice output. Traditional circuit-switching networks such as telephone lines can be used together with packet-switching networks such as the Internet, thereby merging communication modes such as email, voice mail, fax, pager, real-time human speech, and multimedia videoconferencing into a single integrated system. Because Internet telephony allows the interchangeable and seamless use of phones, computers, personal digital assistants, TV cables, wireless, and Web technology, myriad combinations become possible.

The transformation of the Internet from a network application using phone lines to a general communications infrastructure through which voice is but one of many data types offered has a wide impact on applications, architectures, networks, economics, public policy, industry structures, regulation, and service providers. This book explores these and other issues, and considers future scenarios as Internet telephony continues to alter the communications landscape. -- Publishe

Voice Over Frame Relay
William Flannagan; 200 Pages (April 1997) ISBN 1-578200113
Voice Over Frame Relay - the next practical way to reduce your network costs! Savings from putting voice tie lines on frame relay data networks can pay back the additional investment in voice equipment in just months. Savings on international circuits are large enough to threaten present tariff structures (with some help from the FCC). From being "impossible," VoFR has become an essential element to be considered by network designers. This includes those who historically worked with data as well as those concerned primarily with voice. The goal of this book is to make it easy for anyone with a voice or data background to understand this new fusion technology, VOFR. --Publisher
Delivering Voice over IP Networks
Daniel Minoli and Emma Minoli; 304 pages (March 1998), ISBN 0-471254827
Daniel and Emma Minoli--the authors of Delivering Voice over IP Networks--have written a book that begins by discussing all the issues involved in IP-based voice systems. The book discusses the IP protocol, Resource Reservation Setup Protocol (RSVP), Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), and packet voice communication. Since many factors can influence the quality of voice data transmission, there are several mathematical models that can be used to evaluate such transmissions. The authors introduce and explain each model, weighing the pros and cons. Chapter 5 covers the technology and standards (G.728, G.729, G.729A, and G.723.1) for low-bit rate vocoding. The last two chapters focus explicitly on IP voice communications and the Internet.

Ideally suited for programmers, the highly technical nature of this book makes it appropriate for serious students of voice technology. Those in the computer field who need to know not just what technology is available, but also the inner workings of voice technology, will enjoy Delivering Voice over IP Networks. --Rob Frankland

Voice over Data Networks
Gilbert Held; 300 pages (June 1998) (McGraw-Hil Series on Computer Communications)
Learn how you can use off-the-shelf products to integrate voice onto existing IP and Frame Relay networks. Everyone's talking about sending voice over the Internet-a low-cost alternative to traditional two-way telephone service-but there has been little guidance for network managers and adminstrators on just how to do it. . .until now. This unique book fills that gap. Voice Over Data Network With IP and Frame Relay is the first book to provide detailed information on the technical and economic issues associated with transmitting digitized voice over networks originally developed to transport data. Written by a respected expert in the field, this comprehensive volume covers voice transmission over both IP (Internet Protocol) and Frame Relay data networks. It even shows you how to correctly configure voice over data network equipment that operates with telephones and PBXs. Inside, you'll find complete information on: Internet Protocol and Frame Relay basics; voice/speech digitization techniques and alternatives; Economic issues, evolving standards, and voice compression methods; Telephone operations and signaling methods; Methods, limitations, and economics of voice-over-data network transmission; Tools and techniques for managing voice-over-data networks. Written for networking professionals, the book also includes extermely useful IP and Frame Relay tutorials that make its content easily accessible to anyone who needs to get up to speed fast on the technology and economics of implementing voice transmission over data networks. --Publisher
Voice over IP Networks
Marcus Goncalves; 450 pages, Bk&Cd Rom edition (October 1998)
Delivering Voice over Frame Relay and ATM
Dan Minoli, Emma Minoli, Daniel Minoli; 512 pages (May 1998)
Internet Telephony for Dummies
Daniel D. Briere, Rebecca Wetzel, Danny Briere, Patrick Hurley (Contributor) 384 pages 2nd Bk&cdr edition (July 18, 1997)
Start using your computer and Internet connection for all they're worth by placing telephone calls and videoconferencing over the Internet! Internet Telephony For Dummies, 2nd Edition, provides you with the hottest new communications programs -- and tells you how to use them so you can start communicating with others right away.

Inside, find helpful advice on how to

  • Find out about the leading Internet telephony software and choose what's right for you;
  • Discover gateways that connect Internet telephony with regular phones;
  • Use Internet telephony in your business intranet to save money and be more productive;
  • Engage in multimedia communications quickly and easily, and make audio and videoconferencing part of your everyday life;
  • Get the bottom line on how Internet telephony works -- and where it's heading
  • Tune in to new Internet audio and video broadcasts to see and hear what you want, when you want
The Internet Phone Connection
Cheryl Kirk; 276 pages Bk&Cd-Rom edition (November 1996)
The Internet Telephone Toolkit
Jeff Pulver; 201 pages Bk&Cd-Rom edition (August 1996)


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