Electronic Mail (Email), Fax and Postal Mail

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  • Disappearing: "With Disappearing Email, you can determine how long messages remain readable be confident that your messages are always under your control; specify email records you wish to make permanently unreadable; communicate with family members and friends without having your messages become part of your company's corporate record; protect email stored on laptops by making it unreadable after a specified period of time."
  • Return Receipt: "Send email "ReturnReceipt Requested" and a Delivery Receipt PostMarked with the precise time your message was read is emailed to you!"
  • mail archiving: Hypermail
  • Anonymous Remailers, Remailers Anonymity: Index, (somewhat dated) Risk-Free Access Into The Global Information Infrastructure Via Anonymous Re-Mailers



    HTTP mail clients

    Mailing Lists

    Urban legends typically sent to mailing lists

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