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IEEE INFOCOM - The Conference on Computer Communications

Infocom conferences take place once a year. They are sponsored by the Computer Communications Technical Committees of the IEEE Computer and Communications Societies:

The first Infocom conference took place in 1982.

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Typical topics at recent Infocom conferences include, but are not limited to:
BISDN and ATM Multimedia Protocols Photonic Switching
Congestion and Admission Control Multimedia Terminals and Systems Protocol Design and Analysis
Distributed Network Algorithms Network Design and Planning Security and Privacy
High-Speed Network Protocols Network Management Switch Architectures
Integrated Control of Networks Network Reliability Testbeds and Measurements
Intelligent Networks Network Signaling and Control Traffic Management
Internetworking Network Standards Video Networking
Lightwave Networks Network Restoration Wireless Networks and Protocols
Multicast/Broadcast Algorithms Personal Communications Systems

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