Manhattan Restaurants

Restaurants labeled "FR" have been used for faculty recruiting dinners.
212 724-8585 Picholine 35 W 64 [sf]
212 579-2300 Ocean Grill between 78th & 79th on Columbus FR
212 496-1550 Baci between 79th & 80th FR
212 579-8751 Pasha 70 W 71st between Columbus & Central Park West Turkish; FR
212 956-4600 Gabriel's West 60th St. FR
212 724-5588 Docks 2427 Broadway between 89th & 90th FR
212 724-5588 Metisse 239 W 105th St. (Between Amsterdam & Broadway) French/Nouvelle Cuisine; FR
212 873-5025 Calle Ocho 446 Columbus, between 81st and 82nd Streets FR [sf]
212 489-1515 Le Bernardin 155 W 51 more $ [sf]
Vong E 54 superb Vietnamese/French food, reasonably quiet, $40-50pp [yy]
Mesa Grill 5th Ave & 15th Street superb southwest food, but noisy, $40-50pp [yy]
Tapika W 56st Street, corner of 8th very good southwest food, quiet and elegant, $40-50pp [yy]
Sushisay terrific Japanese, reasonable noise level depending on time, $40-50pp [yy]
Mercer Kitchen Soho excellent food and ambiance, $40-50pp [yy]
Zoe Soho excellent food and ambiance, $40-50pp [yy]
Sezz Medi 122nd and Amsterdam Pizza, mediterranean food