Netscape about: tags

about:globals global history entries (doesn't work as link)
about:cache disk cache statistics (doesn't work as link)
about:NETSCAPE EMPLOYEE web page of employees: ari, atotic, blythe, chouck, dmose, dp, ebina, hagan, jeff, jg, jsw, jwz, karlton, kipp, mlm, montulli, mtoy, paquin, robm, sharoni, terry, and timm
about:marca Marc Andreesen
about:document document information
about:blank blank page
about:license software license
about:hype audio file
about:mozilla The Book of Mozilla, 12:10; also seems to have an interesting effect on the Netscape logo in the upper right corner
about:rsalogo RSA logo
about:logo Netscape logo
about:authors no longer works in 3.0
about:plugins plugins
about:security no longer works in 3.0
Henning Schulzrinne