CLIC: The Columbia Computer Science Lab and Interactive Classroom


The Columbia Computer Science Lab and Interactive Classroom (CLIC) is a next-generation classroom and computer lab that allows the full integration of workstations into instruction, discussions and collaboration. It also serves as a lab for class projects. We intend to use the classroom-lab to improve the delivery of upper-level computer science courses, and investigate new means of using computers not just for assignments and presentation, but to foster interaction during lectures.

The classroom can hold 40 students seated at workstations running Red Hat Linux 9 and vmware. An 13 additional seats have access to the network and power and are meant to accomodate laptop-equipped students. Some of these workstations are equipped with video capture cards. A separate Sun workstation provides file and general network services (DHCP, NIS, etc.); additional workstations are used to control the A/V equipment and digitize video.

The classroom is also a full-fledged "TV" studio, with four remote-controlled cameras, a 16-channel audio mixer and two four-channel video mixers. Analog video is recorded for use by the Columbia Video Network.

The classroom and lab have been in use since September 1998.


Technical support: Mark Yeun

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