COMS E6111-Advanced Database Systems
Fall 2017

Grade Statistics

Regrading Procedure

If you are not satisfied with our grading, please follow these steps in the order shown:

  1. For exams, check our solutions (see below) carefully to understand what you might have done wrong in your solutions.

  2. Contact the TA who graded the problem(s) or project in question.

  3. After checking with the TA who graded the problem(s) or project in question, if you are still unsatisfied with our grading, please come see the instructor during his office hours.

Project 1
 (graded by Joe)

Project 2 (graded by Christophe)

Project 3 (graded by Min)

Midterm Exam 
(questions 1 and 4 graded by Min, question 2 graded jointly by Christophe and Joe, and question 3 graded by Ioannis)

Luis Gravano