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Last updated December 12, 1996
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My publications:

  • R. Baratto, S. Potter, G. Su, and J. Nieh, "MobiDesk: Mobile Virtual Desktop Computing", Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Mobile Computing and Networking (MobiCom 2004), Philadelphia, PA, September 2004 (Best paper award)
  • S. Osman, D. Subhraveti, G. Su, and J. Nieh, "The Design and Implementation of Zap: A System for Migrating Computing Environments", Proceedings of the 5th Operating System Design and Implementation (OSDI 2002), Boston, MA, December 2002.
  • G. Su and J. Nieh, "Mobile Communication with Virtual Network Address Translation", Technical Report CUCS-003-02, Department of Computer Science, Columbia University, February 2002.
  • G. Su and Y. Yemini, "Virtual active networks: towards multi-edged network computing", Computer Networks, 36(2-3) (2001) pp. 153-168.
  • B. Yener, G. Su, and E. Gabber, "SmartBox architecture: a hybrid solution for IP QoS provisioning", Computer Networks, 36(2-3) (2001) pp. 357-375. (Best paper award)
  • G. Su, "Virtual Active Networks", Technical Report, CUCS-017-00, Department of Computer Science, Columbia University, March 2000.
  • S. DaSilva, G. Su, D. Florissi, and Y. Yemini. "NetScript: a language-based approach to active networks", invited paper to the Workshop on Active/Programmable Networks at the International Conference on Communications (ICC), Atlanta, USA, June 1998.
  • Y. Yemini, S. da Silva, D. Florissi, G. Su, and A. Dailianas, "The NetScript Active Network Architecture", Technical Report, Department of Computer Science, Columbia University.