Submitting Assignments

You must submit your programs electronically from the appropriate directory of your cunix account (the same directory as the program you are submitting). Please copy your program to a directory with no other programs, since the submit script you will be using will mail all programs in the current directory (but it knows to ignore executables and emacs backups). So if the program you want to submit is in a directory with other programs, create a new directory for this program. You can create a directory using the "mkdir" command at the Unix prompt. For example, typing:

mkdir hw1_submit

will create a directory called hw1_submit. Let's say your program is called hw1.c, and you want to copy it in to this newly created directory. You can do this by typing:

cp hw1.c hw1_submit

Warning: If the directory hw1_submit does not exist in the current location, the command above will create a file called hw1_submit which is identical to hw1.c

Once you have created the directory and copied your program there, you then can move in to the directory by using the "cd" command. For example, typing:

cd hw1_submit

will move you in to the hw1_submit directory.

Once in the directory, you should type ls to list all files in the current directory. The list should contain the file you are submitting.

If your program was in its own directory to begin with, the above steps can be skipped, and you should just move to the directory with the program.

You submit by using the script /opt/ACISsubmit/bin/submit. You use the script by typing:

/opt/ACISsubmit/bin/submit cs1003

This must be typed exactly as it appears above.

The submit script will list the files it is sending, and this list should just contain the C source code file you want to submit. If the list is correct, press the 'y' key.

You should receive e-mail soon after submitting your assignment telling you that it was received. The message you get when you submit says that if you do not receive this e-mail, you should send e-mail to cs1003. IGNORE THIS! If you are having trouble submitting, e-mail me at or the TA instead.

Your submissions will be time-stamped. Feel free to resubmit as many times as you like. We will only use your last submission.

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