COMS E6176: User Interfaces for Mobile and Wearable Computing

Prof. Steven Feiner
Date out: February 5, 2004
Date due: February 19, 2004

Select a Topic to Present

Propose a topic and date for which you will prepare an in-class presentation and help lead the discussion. To help avoid conflicts, you should prepare a list of five topics and a list of five class dates (beginning Thu Mar 4, and excluding Thu Mar 11). Your topic list and your date list should each be numbered 1-5 in decreasing order of preference, and should be emailed to me by the due date.

Top-level topics available include:

You may choose from the top-level topics, but you are welcome to drill deeper in your presentation (e.g., to choose audio displays). You may also propose a topic that is not an obvious subset of one of the top-level topics. Please remember, however, that the course is about user interfaces for mobile and wearable computing. Therefore, your presentation must reflect those emphases.

Whatever you choose, when your topic has been approved, you'll need to read those papers directly related to your topic that are listed in the readings, other papers that I suggest, and additional papers of your choosing (e.g., ones that are referenced by the papers that you read). As a rule of thumb, you'll need to read at least ten papers to prepare your presentation. You should plan your presentation to last about 45 minutes followed (or interspersed) with about 45 minutes of discussion, together totaling about 90 minutes.

Your presentation should be accompanied by some form of outline (html, pdf, ppt), available by the date of your presentation, and either printed by you (or given to me the day before to print).