CS W4170 User Interface Design—Final Projects
Fall 2007

A Tagged Image Explorer (TIE)

Students were asked to form four-person teams to design a user interface for visually organizing and browsing through images available on the web, based on the textual tags associated with them. Emphasis was put on issuing queries for images, presenting returned images within a one- or two-dimensional information space, and navigating within the space. Users needed to be able to define the axes used in an information space in terms of an ordering imposed on the set of tags associated with an axis or or through other non-tag data, such as a range of dates or an ordered set of owners. Groups developed scenarios for a class of archetypal users, created lo-fi prototypes, tested their UI, and created working prototypes using the Picasa Web Albums Data API. The following projects were presented on December 12, 2007.

Tagged Image Explorer screenshot
TIE screenshot
Retrograph screenshot
PolarScape screenshot
Photolinks screenshot
PhotoBuckets Xtreme screenshot
SVIS screenshot
TIE screenshot