Jamie's Stinky Doodle

Welcome to my Stinky Doodle page! I made the following doodle using the Stinky Programming Language.

Dear prospective Stinky programmer,

Here are the steps to making your Stinky doodle:

  1. Copy the HTML source code of this web page into your directory. If you are on Columbia University's AcIS computers, you can also access this page directly by copying it from ~es66/public_html/demo.html (into your public_html directory).
  2. Use Netscape to make sure your copy of this web page works for you.
  3. Modify the Stinky source code, i.e., the list of commands given to Stinky to create the little drawing above. These commands are actually embedded in the HTML source code of this web page! So, all you have to do is edit your copy of this web page with an editor such as pico or emacs.
  4. Modify the HTML source of your copy of the web page to eliminate these instructions, and put in any comments you want, e.g., a link back to your home page. Please leave in the link to the Stinky page, as above.