My Stinky Doodle

Welcome to my Stinky Doodle page! I made the following doodle using the Stinky Programming Language. My teacher Eric made up this programming language because he is so cool that he can do stuff like that. I hope you enjoy looking at my doodle.

In case anyone cares, this was actually my second Stinky Doodle. I had a fabulous BEAUTIFUL doodle that was of my initials with some stars also. They were bubble letters. Curvy. I spent about 8 hours on it (I know I have no life.) Then for some reason they would only show up the correct way on MY computer using IE. And I was very depressed. And I had to make a new one. This flower. So you better enjoy it, or at least lie to me and tell me that you did.

Enough with Stinky! Take me back to Adri!