Eric Siegel

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"Predict This!" by Dr. Data
Geek Rap Video about Predictive Analytics:

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Eric Siegel wrote and performed the following songs when he was a computer science professor at Columbia University, 1997 - 2000.

These are MP3's, so you may need to get an MPeg3 audio player.

See also Eric Siegel's published education paper, "Why Do Fools Fall Into Infinite Loops: Singing To Your Computer Science Class," 4th Annual Conference on Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education, Cracow University of Economics, Cracow, Poland: June, 1999.

Also see complete list of my computer science songs.
Thanks to George Yi for digitizing the live recordings of Modular Decompostion, Pointers Rap and Debugging Angst, and the studio recording of Debugging Angst. Thanks to Alexander Day Chaffee for digitizing the live recording of Digital Love and the studio recording of Modular Decomposition.

email: evs at cs dot columbia dot edu