Eric's Photo Album

Me and Chaffee Me and sister Me and sister Shmoopy 1994? Man's Best Friend

My mom!

The Mod Squad

I won the Distinguished Teaching Faculty Award.

You can also check out Kevin's wedding album at which I was the best man, and also wedding photos that are not in the album.

The following are from my friend's Y2K photo album Christmas 1999

my little alien Melanie and David sister playing hocky sister playing hocky jon, eric, silvina

Here is a big picture of me getting my sox wet on the beach, summer 1999.

  • Rapping pictures that Dave took (Spring 2000): Symmetric "Kargo", by Michael Birken. You cannot argue that this does not say Kargo. You cannot argue that this is not symmetric (looks the same in a mirror).

    My sister Thailand, summer 2001