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Automatically Created Palindromes

Palindromes are spelled the same both forwards and backwards. There are many great palindromes, and many collections of them exists -- just search for "palindrome" on any web search engine.

However, the palindromes below are entirely original. Furthermore, most of them, as indicated, were created with the AI Palindrome Discovery System (a homework project (including Java code) for exploring search strategies in our Artificial Intelligence course). To my knowledge, this is the first automatic creation of palindromes. Read more about the project in our published cs education paper.

Also, you are urged to check out this animated palindrome GIF (by Ph.D. student Pablo Duboue). It shows one of our favorite computer-discovered palindromes in 3D. All the letters rotate 180 degrees and then the whole thing rotates resulting in the same phrase.

New: Moreover, check out this other animated palindrome applet, by Michael Birken. It shows the same palindrome in a cool circular 2D animation that would only be possible for a palindrome.

Symmetric "Kargo", by Michael Birken. You cannot argue that this does not say Kargo. You cannot argue that this is not symmetric (looks the same in a mirror). 'Course, it is not a palindrome, but Michael was thinking a lot about palindromes when he made it, and he works at Kargo with me.

Automatically created palindromes. The student in parentheses wrote the search procedure, ran the experiments and manually selected the worthy palindrome from the system's output, which is usually big.

The following are the same as above, but by Your's Truly, seeded with one of the words: AI, OOP, Java, taught, SIG, or computer: The following, by yours truly, were deemed grammatical, and were produced from searches seeded with random words: The following were not deemed grammatical, but win honorable mention:

Manually created (no computer) by people Eric Siegel know's personally:

Classic palindromes (not original)

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