CS W1001-01 Introduction to Computer Science

Homework 0 (4 points)

Getting started with your computer account

We would like to get the semester off to a flying start! So, what class would be complete without an assignment asking you to write an essay describing what you did over break? Answer: this one. Rather, we want you to get started using the computers at Columbia, and UNIX in particular!

For Homework 0, we would like you to:

Due Date:

Tuesday, January 25. For this assignment only there will be a grace period of one week, since people are getting settled in and some join the class late. However, you are strongly advised to do this short homework assignment by the earlier deadline since, on that day, the next homework will be assigned (and due two weeks later).


Chapter 1 of "An Invitation to Computer Science." Take the time to read this chapter carefully. It builds the foundations for the field of computer science and motivates all the work we will do this semester. I think you will enjoy it since it includes some pretty deep concepts. Exercises: After reading the chapter, look at and think about exercises 1-6 (you are not required to hand in their solutions).

Things to try on your AcIS account:

email: evs at cs dot columbia dot edu