I'm David Williams-King, a Ph.D. student under Professor Junfeng Yang. I started in 2014.

My personal webpage is elfery.net. It has a little more flair.

If you have amazing job opportunities or binary rewriting problems, we should get in touch. Contact info above.


Egalito will appear in ASPLOS 2020! Source is here. A paper preprint is available here.

My OSDI paper on Shuffler is available here. Press coverage here.

I sometimes write code by speaking instead of typing. How, you ask?


I used to be involved with the CTF team. For some resources, click here.

I used to be the ACM coach in 2014, 2015, 2016. ACM contests are hosted here.

I want a puzzle

)n(*%+fe),)*(c)(= i,L,i zdg)2(h)9+tts/5a:by"x, )g,1[:,  (p,x\\L(na]0bu(amna)[\
:(r=f) efa7=z,,:ev(rez(*e-[: za()vue \nrr=,[+,1oxrs%,z%:L)q(apr6t[b2oxfe==e,=\
6f)L= ,l(xc:\n)bLy)aebs]]a ic\n*x]enc+baf==/ (gd d a=]n(r)),qm2,)6xa[n(bL40eg\
)[:9n s(\n]of gxri(d:e( ,0 =bn)ci ),,';n=-1;f=lambda v:(453*v+559+117*v*v)%333
for x in [f(x) for x in range(1,999)][::n]:s=s=s=s=s=s=s=s=s=s[x:] [::n]+s[:x]
exec(s.replace('L','lambda '));exec(f([s%d(x) for x in x]))  # this is legible
exec(f((map(chr,f(e(f(e(d,a)),f(e(b,c))))))))     # compared to my perl. --dwk

Quote of the semester

                "Never attempt a shellsort until the turtles have stopped moving." -- John Aycock