349 Greenfield Road • Bridgewater, New Jersey 08807

(908) 642-8593 •


Accomplished technical and computer science expert with 27 years of experience directing multiple IT operations, research and development for leading global technology corporations and top universities. Seasoned Mobility and Security Architect, Chief Technology Officer, Senior Scientist, Adjunct Professor and project manager with in-depth expertise in developing and implementing research, analysis, and design initiatives. Expertise in computer communication, wireless networking, LTE networks, Network Function Virtualization (NFV), and mobility management. Author of 30 issued patents and 80 publications. Author of Mobility and Handover Optimization book, Editor-in-chief for Journal of Cybersecurity and Mobility published by River Publishers. Producer and collaborator of winning Commercial, DOD and National Science Foundation proposals and creating strategies to enhance business development and promote long-term growth. Team leader with a reputation for fostering strong client relations and building staff that consistently meet expectations. Volunteer and Leadership positions in professional societies such as IEEE/ACM (Director of Marketing and Industry Relations, IEEE Communication Society, MGA Liaison to IEEE History Committee and Region 1 ECS Chair).



Research & Development • Proposal Writing • Technical Leadership • Process Analysis • Project Execution • Due Diligence • University Relation • Cybersecurity • Cloud Computing • Multi Disciplinary System Development• Mobility Management • NFV • VoIP • IMS • LTE • IPv6 • Ad Hoc Networking • IT Operations • Strategic Planning • Business Development • Pre-University (K-12) • Industry Relation





          Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical Engineering, Columbia University, New York, NY

Advisor: Prof. Henning Schulzrinne


Ph.D. Thesis: Systems Optimization for Mobility Management

Master of Philosophy in Electrical Engineering, Columbia University, New York, NY

Master of Science in Computer Science, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, NJ,

    Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Rourkela, India



AT&T, Middletown, New Jersey • 02/2013 – Present

Leading Wireless Service Provider and R&D Organization



Director Technology Security, Chief Security Office, AT&T Labs, USA 12/01/2015 – Present


As the Director of Technology Security, lead the team responsible for security for mobile core networks, driving open source standards, security requirements, RFPs, and proofs-of-concepts for various network function virtualization related to security. Lead the team in driving security function virtualization requirement, vendor engagement and patents for SDN/NFV. Drive the innovation for security technology for Domain 2.0 deployment in AT&T’s networks by leading the security standards and proofs-of-concept in the D2 Security lab. Lead research and development collaboration with universities and other research Labs in the area of SDN/NFV security.



Lead Member of Technical Staff, Chief Security Office, AT&T Labs, USA 02/2013 – 11/30/2015


As a leading technical member of the CTO, CSO and IT organization, lead the design and deployment of advanced security architecture for the mobile enterprise and 4G LTE networks using cloud computing and


ASHUTOSH DUTTA, Ph.D. • Page 2 •



virtualization. Responsible for leading overall end-to-end security design for both mobility networks and User Defined Network Cloud (UDNC), including 3G and LTE architectures and services. Collaborate with other organizations within AT&T, standards forums, external vendors, customers and universities  to effectively design and deploy the security architecture for network function virtualization. Active participation in ETSI NFV, IEEE, IETF standards forums. Lead and direct the proof-of-concept of relevant virtualization security features leading to the deployment in AT&T’s Domain 2.0 network.


NIKSUN Inc., Princeton, New Jersey • 09/2010 – 02/2013

Leader in network forensics, compliance, security surveillance and performance management solutions ranging from core infrastructure to edge and branch environment for both wired and wireless networks.


CTO Wireless and Executive Director, NIKSUN Innovation Center & Quality Assurance


Direct the research and development of LTE (Long Term Evolution) security and monitoring solutions for NIKSUN Cybersecurity product. As the CTO of wireless technologies, manage the deployment of mobility solutions for NIKSUN 4G products in the service provider networks around the world. As the head of NIKSUN Innovation Center (17 members), and QA department (12 members) supervise the staff and research activities leading to the development  and quality assurance of future NIKSUN products. As CTIF-USA co-director manage university collaboration for research projects.


TELCORDIA TECHNOLOGIES, Piscataway, New Jersey • 10/1997- 08/2010

Global leader in the development of mobile, broadband, and enterprise communications software and services with 800-plus customers in 55 countries.


Senior Scientist, Applied Research

Direct research and development initiatives of VolP and wireless technologies. Manage all aspects of project development and delivery. Supervise ongoing project activities and serve as technical lead to ensure expectations and quality assurance standards were consistently met. Lead design of network systems and supervise direct development of prototypes. Collaborate among industry, university and government representatives to increase communication and support project implementation. Organize


analysis and modeling to create processes to improve efficiency and record progress. During my 13 years at Telcordia Research, I have initiated major commercial and government projects and acted as PI and

Co-PI for these multi-year contracts covering the range of $250,000 to $4,000,000 for each of these projects. Total funding of the projects where I was a PI or Co-PI is approximately (~ $20,000,000).


Major Contributions:



·         Principal Investigator and project manager for KDDI’s IMS project ($4,000,000 over 5 years) to design and build IMS/MMD network for next generation networks, including contributing

to design of SIP, mobility, and security tasks to ensure progress and desired results were achieved.

·         As Co-PI, supervised all operational phases of CERDEC project ($200,000), including customer interaction, design development, software delivery, and on-site product demonstration.

·         As the Co-PI for the mobility task ($4, 500,000 over 9 years), led technical initiatives for Third Generation Mobile Wireless Internet Architecture (IMT-2000) based on CDMA-2000 standard and transition to 4G network. Implemented all mobile multimedia comprehensive test-bed involving various Linux-based systems, Cisco routers, wireless base stations, and subnets. Lead architect for secured universal mobility project and mobile VPN project involving heterogeneous access networks (e.g., 802.11, CDMA, WiMAX).

·         Co-PI and Technical Lead for Toyota’s mobile content delivery network ($1000, 000 over two years) in all IP wireless environment involving advanced Telematics features. Project involved


ASHUTOSH DUTTA, Ph.D. • Page 3 •


·         designing and implementing SIP-based mobility management and Localized Multicast-based architecture.

·         As the co-PI of the Horizons Research Program, directed analysis and design of scalable session control architecture for the building of multi-service platforms for leading clients KT, BellSouth, Telenor, and Toyota. This specific part of the program generated a revenue of ($1,500,000 over three years).

·         Collaborated with ITSUMO QoS team involved in performance analysis of voice and data traffic in an 802.11b networking environment utilizing various priority queuing, traffic control mechanism, and Spectra Link Voice Priority (SVP).

·         Performed feasibility study for supporting IPv6 in mobile Ad Hoc networks. Conducted experiments under Joint User Interoperability Communications Exercise using both satellite and terrestrial networks to study the performance of VoIP and Streaming traffic.



·         As Co-Principal Investigators (Co-PI) for DARPA ACN project ($2,500,000 over three years), led in writing the winning proposal for Integrated Mobility Management for phase II and phase III, and have been acting as a Technical lead for the Integrated Mobility Management part of the project. This involved designing and   implementing   an Integrated Mobility Management scheme for Adhoc type military networks while coordinating between different task groups, presenting regular milestone reviews at DARPA meetings.

·         As a Co-PI and technical lead for a DARPA funded AJCN project ($1,500,000 over two years), involved in the design, development and prototype demonstration of a SIP based multiparty

conference control using both multicast and MCU-based (multi-party conferencing unit) approaches   aided by SIP’s third-party call control features. Above two have resulted in 10 paper publication and 3 patent application.


·         As a technical lead for a subcontract to Lockheed to provide IMS capabilities for the for DARPA National Cyber Range (NCR), designed and architected IMS testbed and designed the interface between IMS and PSTN. This activity includes interconnection of IMS test-beds at different locations.

·         As the Co-PI and technical lead for National Communication System (NCS)’s multi provider service provider testbed ($500,000), led a group of 4 that designed and architected priority

services for VoIP and streaming services over an IMS platform using GETS (Government Emergency Telecommunications Service) requirement. This activity involved designing priority-based services at layer 2, layer 3 and SIP layer.


COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, New York City, New York • 10/1989 - 09/1997

Leading higher education university and research institution.


Director of IT Operations (Central Research Facilities)

Managed and supervised daily IT operations and administration of systems and programs, including Suns, HPs, SGIs, and PCs, in multi-protocol based heterogeneous network with 600 servers. Installation, testing, and maintenance of various kinds of communication software, hardware   and   networking products   of   Central  Research Facility. That includes departmental TCP/IP based 

Cisco routers, terminal servers , dialup modems, FDDI concentrators, ATM backbone, and 3Com Link Builders. Supervised and motivated IT teams to achieve desired outcomes. Coordinated with faculty, staff, and students to promote research initiatives. Organized and collaborated on National Science Foundation (NSF) proposals for department research objectives. Maintained 

($4,000,000) million NSF computing infrastructure budget.



ASHUTOSH DUTTA, Ph.D. • Page 4 •



Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company, India • 08/1985 – 09/1987


Computer Engineer

Installed and maintained mainframe  Burroughs B6800,  mini  B1900,    VAX  11/750, 11/780,  and    their  associated communication peripherals like  disk and tape  drives, line  printers, plotters, and various types of intelligent terminals, modems and multiplexer. Designed the interface for setting up the communication link between a cluster of microcomputer systems and mainframe using Poll/Select protocol at different sites of the company.




Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Senior Member

Association of Computing Machinery (ACM), Senior Member




Hardware Platform: SUN, HP, IBM, DEC, SGI, HP, Cisco Routers, Ethernet Switches (XYLAN, 3COM, Cisco), Nortel PBX

Operating Systems: Linux, Windows, Sun OS /Solaris, BSD, VMS, AIX, HP-UX, MS-DOS, OS/2

Protocols & Software: SIP, SAP, SDP, RTP/RTCP, RTSP,TCP/IP, DNS, NFS, H.323, Multicast, Mobile IP, PMIPv6, IPv6, FMIPv6, Cellular IP, WiFi, Bluetooth, CDMA-2000, IPSec, ATM, SONET, OPNET, NS2, Shell, Sybase, Informix, My-SQL, RDF, SOAP, IMS, LTE

Standards Activities: IEEE 802.11, IEEE 802.21, IETF, 3GPP, 3GPP2, ATIS, GISFI, ETSI/NFV

Languages: Java, HTML, XML, C, C++, Fortran, Pascal, Lisp, Assembly Languages





30 patents awarded, 8 patents (pending)

IEEE 2009 MGA (Membership Geographic Activities) Leadership Award

IEEE 2010 Professional Leadership Award, IEEE-USA

IEEE Region 1 award for outstanding section leadership for Princeton/Central Jersey Section

IEEE-USA 2011 Regional Leadership Award

CEO awards from Telcordia Technologies (2000 and 2002)

6 times recipient of DARPA Merit Award for Technical Excellence for Integrated Mobility Management in the Air-Borne Communication Node project

Best Paper Award from ESTC (SAIC), IEEE, EIT 2005, IEEE IMSAA 2009

2005 Leadership Award from IEEE-PCJ Section

Several Recognition awards from the Vice-President of Telcordia Research Labs

Recognition award for serving as a Publicity Co-Chair in Mobicom 2000, Boston

AT&T CSO Security Team Award, 2013


Patents granted:


1.     US patent 6,992,994 - Methods and systems for a generalized mobility solution using dynamic tunneling agent

2.     US Patent 7,184,418 - Method and system for host mobility management protocol

3.     US Patent 7,296,091- System and method for receiving over a network a broadcast from a broadcast source

4.     US patent 7,319,689 - Method for handling the simultaneous mobility of mobile hosts in infrastructure-based networks 

5.     US patent 7,546,082 - Application-layer multicast for mobile users in diverse networks

6.     US patent  7,664,501  - Seamless handoff across heterogeneous access networks using a handoff controller in a service control unit


                    ASHUTOSH DUTTA, Ph.D. • Page 4 •



7.     US Patent, 7,738,882 - Framework of media-independent pre-authentication improvements: including considerations for failed switching and switchback 

8.     US Patent, 7,768,975 - Fast handoff using GPS technology for mobile telematics 

9.     US Patent  7,813,319 - Framework of media-independent pre-authentication 

10.  US Patent, 7,936,719 - Packet loss prevention during handoff using packet copy-and-forward –

11.  US Patent 7,978,655 - Secure and seamless WAN-LAN roaming 

12.  US Patent, 8,068,460 - Dynamic Packet Buffering System for Mobile Handoff 

13.  US Patent 8,098,627 - P-CSCF Fast Handoff for IMS/MMD Architecture

14.  US Patent 8,190,768 – Network Selection Mechanism

15.  US Patent 8,341,395– Media Independent Handover Protocol Security

16.  US Patent 8,259,682– Framework of media-independent pre-authentication

17.  US Patent 8,243,687– Secure and seamless roaming

18.  US Patent 8,446,875– Media Independent Pre-authentication supporting fast-handoff in Proxy MIPv6 Environment

19.  US Patent 8,442,005– Seamless Handoff Across Heterogeneous Access Networks Using a Handoff Controller in a Service Control Unit

20.  US Patent 8,565,186 – Methods of Mitigation of Trombone Routing in an IMS/MMD Network

21.  US Patent 8, 625, 551 – Flexible Mobility Framework for Heterogeneous Roaming in Next Generation Wireless Networks

22.  US Patent 8,670,407 – Proxy Mobile IP

23.  US Patent 8.701,164 Key Caching, QoS and Multicast extensions to media-independent pre-authentication

  1. US Patent 8,717,931 – Network Discovery Mechanisms

25.  US Patent 8,718066 – Fast handoff using GPS technology for mobile telematics

26.  US Patent 8,792,454 - Secure and seamless WAN-LAN roaming

27.  US Patent 8, 929330 – Network Discovery Mechanisms

28.  US Patent 8,971,291 – P-CSCF fast handoff for IMS/MMD Architecture

29.  US Patent 9,025,771 – Security Optimization for IMS/MMD Architecture

30.  US Patent 9,094,412 – Self Organizing IP Multimedia Subsystem


Professional Activities:


    Director of Marketing and Industry Relations, IEEE ComSoc Board of Governor 2014-current

    IEEE MGA Liaison to History Committee

    IEEE MGA Industry Relation Chair 2009-2012

    IEEE MGA Pre-University Coordinator 2012-2013

    Chair, IEEE Princeton / Central Jersey Section (2008-2009)

    Vice-Chair, IEEE Princeton / Central Jersey Section (2006-2007)

    Treasurer, IEEE Princeton / Central Jersey Section (2004 – 2005)

    Secretary, IEEE Princeton / Central Jersey Section (2003)

    IEEE Region 1 Industry Relation Coordinator (2008-2011)

    IEEE ComSoc Public Visibility Committee Chair

    Associate Technical Editor – IEEE Communication Magazine

    Editor-in-chief - Journal of Cyber Security and Mobility (Published by River Publishers)

    Vice Chair, IEEE Education Society, Princeton / Central Jersey Section

    Vice Chair, IEEE Communication Society, Princeton / Central Jersey Section

    Co-Chair, Service Oriented Network – Global ICT Standardization for India (GISFI)

    Co-Director CTIF-USA an Industry-Academic Collaboration

    Editor-in-chief, Journal of Cyber Security and Mobility



    IEEE Sarnoff Symposium 2005 – General Chair

    IEEE Sarnoff Symposium 2004 – Exhibits Chair

    IEEE IMSAA 2009 – TPC Co-Chair, IMSAA 2010 – General Chair

ASHUTOSH DUTTA, Ph.D. • Page 6 •



    IEEE IMSAA 2011, IEEE Sarnoff Symposium  -  Steering Committee Member

    ACM Mobicom 2000 – Publicity Co-Chair

    ACM Multimedia 2004 – Finance Chair

    IEEE STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math)  General Co-Chair 2011-12, 13, 14

    World Wide Security and Mobility Conference – TPC Co-chair (2011-2012)

    TPC Member of several IEEE and ACM Conferences (e.g., ICC, Globecom, Infocom, Mobicom, WoWMoM, MobiSec, Mobisys, MILCOM)



PUBLICATIONS (Book, Book chapters, Papers, IETF drafts, RFC)


Book (Published May, 2014)): A. Dutta, H. Schulzrinne, Mobility Protocols and Handover Optimization: Design, Evaluation and Application, John & Wiley Publication


Book Chapters:


A.    Dutta, C. Makaya et al., “Self-Organizing IP Multimedia Subsystem, , Advances in Next Generation


Services and Service Architectures, published by River Publishers


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                           ASHUTOSH DUTTA, Ph.D. • Page 7 •





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                    ASHUTOSH DUTTA, Ph.D. • Page 8 •




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                 ASHUTOSH DUTTA, Ph.D. • Page 9 •



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IETF RFC/Drafts:


1.     A. Dutta, Y. Ohba, K. Taniuchi, V. Fajardo, H. Schulzrinne, Framework of  Media Independent  Pre-Authentication, RFC 6252

2.     S. Krishnan, A. Dutta et al., Localized Routing for ProxyMobile IPv6, RFC 6705

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5.     Supporting Service Mobility with SIP, Faramak Vakil, A. Dutta, H. Schulzrinne

6.     Supporting Mobility for TCP with SIP, F. Vakil, A. Dutta, H. Schulzrinne

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8.     IDMP; An Intra-Domain Mobility Management Protocol using Mobility Agents, A. Misra, S. Das, A. Dutta et al.

9.     4 IETF drafts SIP for Appliance (SIP working group), and IDMP (Mobile IP working group)

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14.  A. Dutta, S. Das, Y. Yokota. T. Chiba, H. Schulzrinne, Inter-MAG route optimization for Proxy MIPv6

Trade Shows:

   Participated and demonstrated products in many of the Trade shows (PCIA, COMDEX, AFCEA, IMSAA, SARNOFF) representing Telcordia/Toshiba/KDDI and demonstrated products

   Lead role in  MWIF's Proof-of-Concept demo for 4G  in ITSUMO test-bed for September 2002

   LTE Americas, Dallas 2010, 2011 representing NIKSUN

   LTE World, Barcelona 2012, representing NIKSUN


Technical Reports:


1.     GAP Analysis for 3GPP/3GPP2 IMS/MMD Architecture – A.Dutta, S. Das, F.J. Lin

2.     Security Optimization and P-CSCF Fast-handoff for IMS/MMD Architecture – A. Dutta, A. Ghosh, S.Das, J. Lee, F.J Lin

3.     Feasibility Analysis of IPv6 Transition for Ad Hoc Networks – S. Das, A. Dutta, S. Khurana, P.Gurung, H. Tanna

4.     IP/SONET vs. IP/ATM/SONET for High-Speed Data Transport -  A. Dutta, Tao Zhang, Joel Gannett

5.     Session Control Protocol Attributes for Flexible Multimedia Support and Transport Independence - S. Mohan, Tom Chapuran, A. Dutta.

6.  Paths for Industry Convergence on Session Management –  A. Dutta, S. Mohan, Tom Chapuran,           

7.     CPE Evolution and Distributed Service Intelligence – S. Mohan, Stuart Wagner, A. Dutta et al.

8.     Scalable Multicast Routing – Tony Mcauley, A. Dutta, Rajesh Talpade, Deborah Bakin

9.     Evolutionary Approaches to Implementing Session Control in Emerging Broadband Networks – S. Mohan, A. Dutta, Stu Wagner, Tom Chapuran

10.   Industry Progress towards Multi-service session control protocol, A. Dutta, S. Mohan

11.   Communications Service Evolution and Evaluation of Access Network Alternatives for the 10X

        Network Era – A. Dutta, Teshima Shigeru, Stu Wagner

12.   Business-Driven Evolution from Multiplatform to Multiservice Networks – A. Dutta, Vegard Masdal, Stu Wagner

13.   Capacity Planning for IP/SONET, IP/ATM/SONET and DPT architecture, A. Dutta, Tao Zhang