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MedmixLearner (constructor)

MedmixLearner class constructor.

medmix = MedmixLearner()

medmix = MedmixLearner(medmixObj)
medmixObj - MedmixLearner object

medmix = MedmixLearner(components, optList)
components - cell array of positive class and negative class mixture components. In this example, $ \{[1,3],[1]\}$, the positive class mixture has two components that use kernels 1 and 3 from the GramObject and the negative class mixture has one component and uses only kernel 1.
optList - list of NAME,VALUE option pairs

'C' - regularization parameter (default=10)
'Thresh' - convergence threshold (default=1e-3)
'MaxIter' - maximum iterations (default=50)
'NumInits' - number of re-inits (default=1)
'Optimizer' - 'QUADPROG', 'MOSEK', 'SVLAB', 'SMO' (default='QUADPROG')
'Observe' - observe mixture state (default=[])

Darrin Lewis 2006-05-08