Dorée Duncan Seligmann

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Some Old Pictures

IBIS Interactive Illustration
As the user navigates, IBIS chooses different techniques to maintain the MODE dial's visibility. In this case a cutaway-mask is automatically generated.

IBIS Composite Illustration in COMET.
IBIS determines two illustrations are needed to show the steps in the procedure, highlights the screws in the first and the cover plate in the second. IBIS generates different types of arrows to show the operations and selects the viewing paramaters to show enough of the radio that it is recognizable. In the automatically generated textual explanation, COMET augmented the text with the two generated cross-references (refering to the design and stylistic choices made by IBIS).

IBIS Interactive Illustration for KARMA (for a head-mounted display).
It is designed to show how to remove the printer's paper tray.
(Available slide from SIGGRAPH Techinal Slide Set '93 #25 .)

Rapport Multimedia Conferencing System.
Rapport was the first multimedia conferencing system at Bell Labs which used the model of persistent virtual meeting rooms. The Rapport interface integrated the content and interfaces to separate media services into one cohesive display. This screen shot shows Bob Ensor's view of a virtual meeting room that he is sharing with Sid Ahuja.

ARCHWAYS: automatically generated virtual environment for multimedia communication
John, Cati, and Dorée sharing application programs and video and voice in a virtual meeting room.