Exam 1

The exam will be held Wednesday, October 19, 1:10 PM–2:25 PM.

  • Students enrolled in Section 001: go to 501 Northwest Corner.
  • Students enrolled in Section H01: go to 420 Pupin.
  • Students enrolled in Section V01 who have explicitly requested to take the exam on campus: go to 501 Northwest Corner.

Please arrive at your designated room early. Unfortunately, both rooms will be quite full.

Students may use a single letter size sheet of notes (which can be typed, and both sides of the sheet can be used), and a standard writing implement (pen or pencil). Students may not use any other notes, or any books, calculators, phones, laptops, tablets, e-readers, augmented reality glasses, virtual reality glasses, etc.

Students who require accommodations from Disability Services should have made arrangements in the first two weeks of the semester. Please double-check with them to confirm the arrangements.