This course is currently over-subscribed, so we cannot accommodate every student who wants to enroll. In general, priority is given to CS students in degree programs that require the course. The waiting list will be processed accordingly. (I am not involved in this.)

We are offering a separate “virtual” section (“sec. H01”) of the course available through CVN. Students in this section will watch the lectures online, but otherwise be subject to the same rules and requirements.

Note that this course is about principles and algorithmic paradigms for machine learning. It is not a course about “How to use the scikit-learn library in Python” or “How to use the Statistics Toolbox in MATLAB”. (You should be able to learn those things on your own.)

See the course information page for course prerequisites, course requirements, academic rules of conduct, and other information. If you do not satisfy the prerequisites, cannot meet the course requirements, or cannot abide by the rules of conduct, please do not take this course.