Homework assignments

Around four or five problem sets will be assigned throughout the term.



(Shamelessly stolen from Rocco Servedio)

You must prepare your write-up as a LaTeX document. If you're unfamiliar with with LaTeX, click here for an introduction. Starting with Homework 1, if for any reason you are not using LaTeX, or your notation is not clear, points will be deducted. You can use the following template if you wish: homework.tex, homework.cls. Make sure your name and UNI is on every page of your submission, and submit only letter-paper formatted PDFs. If you use the template, these things will be taken care of.

Each graded assignment should be submitted on Courseworks as a single PDF document by 4:00 PM of the specified due date. You should also submit a hard copy of the assignment in lecture. The hard copy should have each problem on separate pages (so the assignment can be graded in parallel by the TAs). Make sure your name and UNI is on every page of your hard copy submission.

Late assignments will only be accepted under exceptional circumstances which I deem reasonable; to qualify you must have your undergraduate or graduate advisor contact me explaining the exceptional circumstance (yikes).


(Also shamelessly stolen from Rocco Servedio)

You are encouraged to discuss the course material and the homework problems with each other in small groups (2-3 people), but you must list all discussion partners in your write-up. Discussion of homework problems may include brainstorming and verbally discussing possible solution approaches, but must not go as far as one person telling the others how to solve the problem. In addition, each person must write up her/his solutions independently; you may not look at another student's written solutions. All outside reference materials used must be appropriately acknowledged in the write-up, and you must always write up your solutions in your own words.

Violation of any portion of this policy will result in a penalty to be assessed at the instructor's discretion. This may include receiving a zero grade for the assignment in question AND a failing grade for the whole course, even for the first infraction.

Students are expected to adhere to the Academic Honesty policy of the Computer Science Department; this policy can be found in full here. Please contact the instructor with any questions.

If you dispute the grade received for an assignment, you must submit, in writing, a detailed and clearly stated argument for what you believe is incorrect and why. This must be submitted no later than the beginning of class 1 week after the assignment was returned. (For example, if the assignment were returned to the class on Wednesday, your regrade request would have to be submitted before the start of class on the next Wednesday.) Requests for a re-grade after this time will not be accepted. A written response will be provided approximately within one week indicating your final score. Requests of re-grade of a specific problem may result in a regrade of the entire assignment. This re-grade and written response is final. Keep in mind that a re-grade request may result in the overall score for an assignment being lowered.