EE E768: Emerging Topics in Emerging Networks

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Lecturer/Manager  Professor Dan Rubenstein
Office hours: Location: CEPSR 816
Weekly time: Wed 10am -12:30pm
Also at other times by appointment 
Office phone: (212) 854-0050
Email address:
Day & Time Class  
Meets on Campus:
Wed 10:00am -12:30 pm  NEW!!!
Location: 1024 Mudd
Credits for Course: 4.5
Class Type: Seminar Style
Teaching Assistant: Tianbai (Richard) Ma (
  • Office: CEPSR 8LE5
  • Office Hours: TBD
  • Mailbox: Outside 1312 Mudd
  • Phone: TBD
  • Prerequisites:  A solid networking background: ELEN E4710 and CS 4119 or ELEN E6761. Also, a good deal of mathematical/theoretical sophistication will be needed as well.

    This course will be run seminar-style. Students will be required to read papers before class and come ready to discuss. On-campus students should attend and be involved in discussions, as well as lead the presentations of the papers. CVN students who cannot come to campus to participate must write detailed summaries of the papers, using the discussions in class as the guide for what to write.

    The format will be as follows: Each week, students are expected to read 4-6 papers at a fairly terse level, i.e., to get an idea of what the paper is about, are the results of interest - is it worth really digging into this paper? Each paper will be summarized by a student in about 15 minutes, where the summary should assume that the paper has been read, and only touch on the possible issues that should be discussed, were this paper to be discussed in greater depth. One or two of the papers will be selected for more detailed exploration, and these papers will be analyzed in more depth in the subsequent week (with specific objectives, i.e., questions and issues brought up in class), with the discussion being led by a different student. Hence, each week, 4-6 new papers will be read and one or two old papers will be explored in greater detail.

    WARNING: This class is really geared toward PhD students who are pursuing research in networking. Hence, it is assumed that the student has the intellectual background and maturity to read technical papers. For such a student, the course provides a venue for discussion and forces a more careful reading.

    Students with an insufficient background will likely feel quickly overwhelmed by the pace of the class, and probably won't get much out of it. Such students will be encouraged, perhaps even forced, to drop the class, or to work out some other arrangement with the instructor.

    Topics:  Still emerging, but here is the preliminary list of papers
    Required text(s):  There is no text for the course. The reading will consist of papers.
    Midterm exam:  None no calculators 
    Final exam:  None 
    Grading:  On-campus students will be graded according to their participation within the seminar. CVN students will be graded on their summaries, i.e., how actively involved they were in the class.

    Because the class is 4.5 units, there will be a project. More details forthcoming...  
    Computer hardware and software requirements:  None 
    Homework submission:  CVN students and students who miss class must submit a writeup that describes the papers discussed in class, also describing the details of the in-class discussion (what drove the discussion, what the conclusion was, etc.) These will be spot-checked, i.e., not every one will be graded. However, failure to turn in a summary will count against the student. Due 1 week after assignment before class. 

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