4995-4: Web, App, and Mobile Programming

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InstructorDan Rubensteindanr@cs.columbia.edu(212) 939-7048CEPSR 816

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Note: course enrollment requires permission from the instructor. This isn't a typical Columbia course, so please read this web-page, and these slides, to see what the course is about, and what must be done to enroll.

This course is experimental, in the sense that students will get hands-on experience, and it's a new type of course for the instructor (and possibly Columbia CS?).

The main goal of the course is for each student to do an individual project that involves a substantial CS component and developing a web, mobile, or app interface that implements the CS component. The focus of the course is to develop the project.

The course will begin with a lecture format (presumably with lots of online demonstration where applicable), but will then transition to discussion of projects, including design, debugging, challenges, etc.

Since this is the first time the course is being offered, it is very unstructured, and its direction depends upon what the students in the class want to cover, and the general knowledge of those of us in the classroom.



As the goal of the course is the design and implementation of a project, grading will be

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