Things that will happen in the next five months
Jan 25th, 2013 by Hao

After a month’s stay at home, I am now back at school again. The flight back was interesting. I took a weird route from Shanghai to Moscow and to New York City. I thought it would be fun when I decided to purchase the ticket for this route. And it turned out to be so, except that it took me about 23 hours flying which is almost like an entire day.

Being at home is definitely a wonderful thing: being with the families as well as reconnecting with old buddies. I now do realize that real good friends do not really need too much time to get back to the old feelings. We sense the sincerity as well as friendliness the moment we see each other face to face. That’s a wonderful thing of life and having such friends is truly a blessing. I felt fortunate to have those friends come into my life and be part of it.

New York is now freezing, around 20 degrees outside (thank God I have decided not to go to school today as it is the last day of the week and everything has started smoothly). This cold NYC feels almost insane to me. I cannot even feel my ears walking on the street without anything covering them. In the past 5 years, I never felt so cold. I was talking to Jiongxin the other day and interestingly we ended up in a conversation where we were trying to figure out how those homeless people could survive this severe weather. Obviously, it is going to be an extreme challenge. I do believe the government and we people as an entire society should pay special attention to them as we should treat each life equally. But unfortunately it is not the case really.

Now come to the real topic. In the following five months, many big things will happen in my life: I will defend my thesis in three weeks; I will find a job as a fresh start for my future; I will have my families come to my graduation ceremony and travel in the US with them. I feel excited for these things to happen! And this brings something Professor Zhou told us which was revised from an old saying: Long as the road is, no steps no arrivals; Difficult as the task is, no pains no gains. It is true, isn’t it?

Anyway, I do wish everyone who read this post and those who do not have a wonderful 2013. Also, do not forget to bring a healthy body and a healthy soul on your journey to every happy moment of your life!

Be optimistic and be strong.

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