COMS W4705: Natural Language Processing

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Instructor: Michael Collins

This semester the class is going to be taught in a different format from previous years, using a "Flipped Classroom". There will not be lectures on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1.10pm. Instead, the following will happen each week:

[1] You will be assigned a set of video lectures, typically totalling 1-1.5 hours, from the Coursera version of the class I offered at

You can watch these in your own time.

[2] We will meet in small groups (10-12 students) to discuss the material in the video lectures. You will have 1 session per week in this format, lasting 1 hour. The small group sessions will allow a much more interactive setting, where I can answer questions about the material, we can work through problems on the material, etc.

[3] There will also be comprehensive notes posted for each set of lectures, listed here.

The rationale for the flipped classroom is as follows. The video lectures cover everything that I would present in a regular offering of the class, and have the advantage that you can view them in your own time. The small classroom setting is designed to be much more interactive; in a large lecture classroom with 110 students there are limited opportunities for you to engage in the material.