CS 4252 Problem Sets

You must prepare your problem set as a LaTeX document. If you're unfamiliar with with LaTeX, click here for an introduction. Starting with problem set 2, if for any reason you are not using LaTeX, and your notation is not clear, points will be deducted.

You can use this template if you wish,
Template: TeX file, homework.cls

Submission procedure: You must turn in a hard copy of your homework set to the TAs at the start of class on the due date, or it will be considered late. If you cannot make it to class, you must make alternate arrangements to get a hard copy to the TA by the start of class. You should also email (the subject of your email should read 'HW# youruni' e.g. 'HW1 aa1234') an electronic copy of your homework (pdf format) to the TA (coms4252columbia2015 at gmail dot com) by the start of class so there is an electronic record of your HW submission. This email is not an acceptable substitute for the hard copy.

You are urged to spell-check everything you turn in, and to use complete sentences. You will be graded primarily on the correctness of your answer, but clarity is also important; you will be penalized for answers which are so unclear as to call correctness into question. Also, please include your name and UNI on every page of your submission.

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