Outlook 2002

Setting up IMAP and SMTP servers

With SSL encryption




After starting Outlook, select ‘Tools’, then ‘E-mail Accounts’



Select ‘View or change existing e-mail accounts’ and then ‘Next’




Either ‘Add’ a new mail account or select and ‘Change’ the Properties of your already existing account.



You can determine the name of your servers by typing ‘my-mail-server’ at a command prompt on any of the CS cluster machines.


Set your ‘Incoming mail server (IMAP)’ and your ‘Outgoing mail server (SMTP)’ servers.     I use ‘bear’, yours can/may be different.  Select the ‘More Settings’ button at the lower right corner of this box.





Here you should select ‘Outgoing Server’.

Check ‘My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication’ and select ‘Use same settings as my incoming mail server’.













Select the ‘Advanced’ tab and check the boxes to use SSL-secure connections for both X Incoming and Outgoing mail servers.  The ports should be 993 and 25 respectively. (You must select TLS for outgoing SMTP server. Selecting SSL will not work.)   I also set my ‘Server Timeouts’ to 2 minutes 30 seconds, this can be adjusted depending on you situation, e.g., you have a large number of folders or a large number of messages in you Inbox.  I found 1 minute too short and my server would disconnect, especially from home.  Select ‘OK’.

You should be finish now.  Select ‘Next’.

Select ‘Finish’ and you are done!



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