CRF Network Services


We provide primary and secondary DNS for several faculty and project domains. If you would us to provide this for you, then contact crf. Examples include: , , etc. We also maintain the department DNS so all requests for static hosts should be sent to CRF and we also can provide additional support through aliases as needed.


Currently CRF maintains a DHCP pool for use by members of the computer science department. By using your DHCP, you can easily setup your laptop on our network quickly. If you have a desktop machine, we recommend you request a static ip, see above. For your laptop, we can also provide static addresses and provide this information over DHCP for your laptop. Just email CRF.


CRF maintains a pool of 16 33.6k modem lines which provide PPP access to the department. Faculty and phds are elgible for this access. To request access, email CRF with the name of your host and we will add support.


CRF provides a news server at which all users in the Computer Science department. It has feeds from Columbia, outside providers, and internal news groups like cs.board. This server provides standard NNTP access, just use your favorite client (tin, trn, rn, GNUS, Pan, KNode).


We provide an extensive array of mail services. See our mail information page .


We currently provide SSH1 and SSH2 clients through OpenSSH on all supported CRF Solaris and Linux machines. We currently recommend users only connect to machines using SSH because telnet has no security. SSH2 server-side support should be online by October 2001.


Department wide FTP services are provided through We currently mirror a wide variety of software including Samba, Sendmail, GNOME, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, NetBSD, Linux Kernels and Redhat Linux. We are also an official mirror of GNU software. Users can make software available from the ftp server by putting files in /import/ftp/pub/userid as needed. For help, contact CRF.


CRF provides two web servers. The primary webserver is which is Sun 440 machine running Apache with mod_ssl support. We currently support cgi scripts and https pages.
The secondary web server is which we recommend for testing cgi scripts. It is currently running Apache with mod_ssl and supports PHP 4 pages.


Access is avaiable to home directories and project disks. Simply connect to machine as in windows with "\\machine_name\share". It will ask for your user name and password. Your home directory can be accessed by connecting to your file server ("\\fileserver\userid").

Virtual Hosting

If you need a web site hosted with a vanity name then we can do it for you. We can provide all the services you need including DNS, HTTP, and Mail to fit your sites needs. Also, you will not have an complicated management to do as we handle the server and let you concentrate on the content. We provide this for any faculty who needs it. Please contact CRF so we can contact our services to fit your needs.


CVS pserver facilities are considered legacy because of the transmission of plaintext passwords, and it's use is discouraged, except under certain conditions (please contact CRF if you think you need pserver). We recommend using cvs over an SSH transport. A quick guide is available at CVS over SSH howto.

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