This tutorial deals with how to extract your files from the project so you can upload them back to your cunix server for testing and submission.

If we were going to submit the tutorial project, we need to:

  1. find the source files
  2. upload them to your cunix server
  3. test them on the cunix server
  4. run the submit script

Step 1: Get the source files


Step 2: Upload them to your cunix server


Step 3: Test your program on the cunix server

We can not stress testing your assignments on the cunix server enough. Make sure you manually "javac" each source file and then "java" the Driver class. If something is "working in Netbeans", but does not work when we compile using javac on our testing machines, you will still lose points.

Using the excuse "It worked on Netbeans" is not a valid one. So again, PLEASE be sure to test your program and make sure it is working before you submit it to us.


prompt> javac
prompt> javac
prompt> java Driver

Step 4: Run the submit script

You should know how to do this from previous homeworks. Move on to the debugging tutorial.