Lecture Schedule

CBMF 4761
Department of Computer Science
Spring Semester, 2004

See last year's lecture page for previous topics. Tentative schedule is below.

Lecture 1 (Mon Jan 26)

Lecture 2 (Mon Feb 2)

Lecture 3 (Mon Feb 9)

Lecture 4 (Mon Feb 16)

Lecture 5 (Mon Feb 23)

Lecture 6 (Mon Mar 1)

Lecture 7 (Mon Mar 8)

Spring Break

Lecture 8 (Mon Mar 22)

Lecture 9 (Mon Mar 29)

Lecture 10 (Mon Apr 5)

Lecture 11 (Mon Apr 12)

We'll present an overview of Bayes nets (probabilistic graphical models) for inferring regulatory networks and start discussing the papers listed below.

Lecture 12 (Mon Apr 19)

We'll finish our dicussion of Bayes nets for modeling gene regulation with a discussion of the "Module networks" paper. See also the tech report listed below. In the last part of the class, we'll talk about MEME, a popular motif discovery algorithm based on EM.

Lecture 13 (Mon Apr 26)

We'll present an overview of computational genefinding, including the GENSCAN and TWINSCAN models.

Lecture 14 (Mon May 3)

For the first half of the class (before the test), we'll give an overview of papers from the special issue of Genome Research on the rat genome.