Research Interests

  • Asynchronous Circuits and Systems

    As part of thesis research, I have been working on synthesis and optimization algorithms for of a class of asynchronous circuits called dual-rail circuits. Basically, asynchronous circuits work without global synchronization schemes such as clocks. Dual-rail circuits are among the most robust asynchronous circuits which work correctly under arbitrary wire and gate delays.

  • Formal Verification

    At ETRI, I built a verification toolset for the LOTOS specification language. It is not as well-known as other formalisms such as CCS or CSP but I think it is an interesting approach which tries to capture both the `process' aspect of computer programs (process algebra) and `data' aspects of computer programs (algrabraic specification).

  • Programming Languages and Systems

    I still remember the excitement when I first read SICP. If one area is to be picked to represent Computer Science, I believe that it should be the Programming Languages area.

  • Graph Algorithms

    When I was a master's student, I worked on parallel graph algorithms on the PRAM model. It is a pure joy to learn those small (usually simple) insightful ideas behind clever algorithms.