(SLOGN) is a new conference in theoretical computer science, narrowly construed, encouraging difficult arguments, analyses, and algorithms. SLOGN aims to regain and support the interest in works that are heavily technically focused. Its goal is to provide a venue for papers that contain pages and pages of involved calculations, heavy-duty math, extensive case analyses, and a general flavor of "grinding it out." When you're sloggin', SLOGN is the conference for you.

Conference Format

The conference will run for eight days. The total number of papers will be around 30, so as to allow ample time for attendees to check the details of each others' proofs. The first two meetings of SLOGN will be held at IIT-Kathmandu, Everest Campus. Each attendee will receive the (12-volume) paper proceedings for the conference.

Program Selection Process

  • Papers with formidable technical content will be given preference in the selection process. The program committee of SLOGN will assign significant weight to the "heft" of the submission. Technical simplicity and "obviousness" will be viewed as a drawback.

  • Papers may only address well-established topics and longstanding open problems. The ideal SLOGN submission will make important progress on a well-established direction via a highly technical "shock and awe"-type argument. Papers making incremental improvements on well-known problems by "hitting it harder" may also be acceptable for SLOGN.

  • At the discretion of the program committee, the evaluation process may be interactive. These electronic "hallway discussions" will allow the committee to ask questions of the authors about technical details of proofs.

Initial Logistics

Submission Guidelines

  • Submission format: There is a strict minimum submission length of thirty (30) pages (excluding abstract and references), in PDF format. Appropriate technical notation is a must, and a subsection entitled "Setting Parameters" is recommended. Strong submissions are likely to include at least seventy (70) numbered equations. Excessive prose and "intuition" will be considered as supplementary material and will be read at the committee's discretion only.
  • Submission deadline: February 29, 2021
  • Notification deadline: April 1, 2021
  • Camera-ready deadline: TBA
  • Conference dates: TBA
  • Web site: http://slogn.org


SLOGN 2021 Program Committee

Triple-blind reviewing will be implemented. Even the identities of the Program Committee members will remain anonymous.