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Alta Vista
The Comic Strip


CS Bibliographies
Chris Hand - Collection of Papers

Computer Systems


Global Positioning System Overview
megatel® PC/1Gold


MacFixIt (Home Page)
The Macintosh Resource Page
the Macintosh News Network
Welcome to Webintosh!
Clone Central
The Mac Pruning Pages & InformInit Home
Century Software -- Clockwork
Bombay Digital home - CMM OS 8
IP NetMonitor -- Demo ReadMe
PowerLogix News -- 1mb cache
Small Dog Electronics Home Page
BetterTelnet for Mac OS
Lismore Software Systems, Ltd. Home page
Griffin Technology Home Page
A Remote Network Server
Free X server for Windows and Mac
PowerTools Technologies
ZDNet Software Library - Exclusives
Welcome to Apple Developer World
AppleScript Links
Welcome to Now Software
Apple Computer World Wide Technical Support Home Page
INFO-MAC HyperArchive ROOT

Newton - PCMCIA VGA/NTSC/S-Video card
Before entering the Ultimate eMate site...
DMP Systems - Modem Modifier (tm)
The PC User's MessagePad Tutorial
nHTTPd Home Page
Innovative Computer Solutions
Oliver's Newton Easter Egg Page
am computer contor
Best Prices - Apple Newton
AllPen Software, Inc.
PenTekk Software Technologies, Inc.
The World Of Newton
Newton Reference
GoFetch Mail for Newton 2.0
TeleType GPS
DMP Systems
Newton Fonts and NIE Applications
Gaia Home Page
K2 Home Page
Sine of the Times
Newt's Cape Information
Beta of YAZI: Yet Another Z Interpreter
Newton 2.0 Modem List
powerPen powerBack
Email Services for Newton
Stand Alone Home Page
Lunatech Research
iambic Software Home Page
powerPen Newton
Gaia Home Page
PelicanWare Home Page
Welcome to LandWare
Revelar, Inc. Home Page
Welcome to Llamagraphics, Inc.
powerPen NGP
ParaGraph International Home Page
Directory of /pub/newton/pda-www
NewtNet Sites: File Archives


Frame Technology Corporation
MifMucker Home Page

Modula 3

Digital FTP and WWW Archives
Modula-3 home page
Obliq Quick Start
Anim-3D: 3D Animation in Obliq
Cone Trees
Building Dist OO Apps in Modula-3
M3 to MIF
Phantom Home Page
m3build++ - an augmented m3build
Modula-3 FAQ, WWW and FTP archive

WWW stuff

Making Animations for the Web
The LiveConnect/Plug-in Developer's Guide
PointCast Home Page
Vosaic Corp. Home Page
Stone Design's Rotational Slider Demo
RSX: Realistic Sound for the Internet
HyperText Markup Language Specification 3.0
An Exploration of Dynamic Documents
Graham Technology Solutions
Liquid Reality
Netscape Chat Download

Unix and X Windows

Free X server for Windows and Mac
The XAnim Home Page
DDD - The Data Display Debugger
The Official AfterStep HomePage
xDuel extension to GDB
Presenting: TkDesk (28-Apr-1996)
Lasermoon Ltd, The Unix Freeware Specialists
Scheme Shell
Kaleida Labs ScriptX Information
Window Manager Flames
The Mesa 3-D graphics library
Z-Code Software Corporation
Where to get HylaFAX
Usenix Association Home Page
Non-HP disktab entries
Alex FTP Filesystem


Solaris OpenGL 1.1 (Beta)
SunSoft Support Resolutions
Solaris 2.4 x86
Hardware Compatibility List

Windows NT

TracePoint Online
Microsoft Windows NT-Platform Internet Clients
Beverly Hills Software - Windows NT Resource Center
OnDemand Software, Inc.
Tangent Computer, Inc.
NCD Systems' WinCenter Preview
Linux for PowerPC Home Page
System Software Product Information
Directory of /pub/tridge/samba
NT Applications

ATN Shareware Distribution - Non-Frame Index
Model DCAS-32160 & DCAS-34330
General Processor Information
HDDTech - Hard disk drive technical support
QuickCam Third-Party Drivers
Microtech International

Misc Graphics Stuff

Syndesis Corporation Home Page
Mama's Dining Room
Mobile innovation - profiting from Value Added Services (VAS)
jgt: HWB - A more intuitive hue-based color model
Widen Your Horizons
ghostscript outline fonts
jgt: HWB - A more intuitive hue-based color model
Pad++: Zoomable Graphical Interfaces
3D CAFE (3D Mesh Geometry and Graphical Imaging)
3d3RD Dimension Tech
3D Graphics Cards for PC
CSL Home Page
OPC Home Page
3Dfx Interactive
The Cross-Platform Page
File Not found
ImageMagick - X11 Image Processing and Display Package
MicroStep-Accelerated Graphic Controllers
TriTech Microelectronics International
OpenGL WWW Center
3Dlabs Online
Lockheed Martin REAL3D(tm)
Number Nine Visual Technology
Fujitsu Microelectronics, Inc.
Metro Link WWW Server
gd 1.2
Microsoft Interactive Media

Distributed Systems

Objects Objects everywhere - Interoperable CVEs
Atul Prakash's Home Page
Erlang Overview
Inter-Language Unification -- ILU
Koala's home page
RT++ --- Tutorial and Reference Manual
Resources for Programming Language Research
David Sarnoff Research Center Clusters Page
Flow Synchronization Protocol
Related research projects
Some Distributed Systems-Related Links
VOTE and SODA - Virtual Shared Memory
Papers on failure detection
SAM Distributed Shared Memory System
Research at the Parallel Programming Laboratory
Research Activities at some UK college
Trinity College Dublin, DSG Home Page
Home page for Alan Judge
Argo: A System for Distributed Collaboration
Distributed Systems Book
The Orca Parallel Programming Language
Illinois Concert Project (CSAG)
compilers & interpreters archive (garbage collection)
E. Douglas Jensen: Real-Time Distributed Operating Systems

Window Management

The Constraint-Based Layout Framework LayLab and Its Applications

VR Topics

Virtual Paper: Home Page (External )
VR Conferences
Dave's Virtual Reality page
Augmented Reality
Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) Forum
Geomview Overview
VRML*Tech - The Virtual Reality Modeling Language Technical Forum
Virtual i-O Home Page
RS-232 Cards Suppliers
Comtrol Corporation:RocketPort
PC PowerGlove Page

phk's home page
David Fox's Home Page
Mike Gleicher's Home Page


Olé Olestra!

RSI Related

Synapse Adaptive and Assistive Technology for Individuals with a Disability
Speech Technology
Typing Injury Archive
Bilbo Innovations, Inc. -- STEP ON IT! Keyboard Control Pedals
Typing Injury FAQ Home Page
Typing Injury FAQ/Software

Magazines and Stores

EDN Access
Blair MacIntyre's Personal Page
The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition
Welcome to the Used Software Exchange!
PC Week
MacWEEK Home Page
Book Stacks Unlimited, Inc. - General Information
Book Stacks - Main Menu


Bruce Cockburn
RealAudio Homepage
CBC Radio on The Internet


UIST'96 -- Accepted Papers, TechNotes, and Panels
SIGCHI Bullets
Chivas Project Test (ACM)

British Sepu Kangri Expedition 1997 - The Plan
"The Stalker's Home Page"
INTELLICAST: New York Weather
Welcome to BigBook
Beauty Book
Bad! Bad Webmaster! Bad!!! -- Curse of the Three-Eyed Dog!
t@p spy-cams
New York City Insider
INTELLiCast: New York Weather
The pstotext program
Digi Intl.: Home Page
Glimpse Working Group - University of Arizona, CS Dept.
Federal Bureau of Investigation - Home Page
Canada Connect Corporation
Wall O' Shame
United States Postal Service Public WWW Server
NYNEX Interactive Yellow Pages - Home Page
Intel PC & Lan Products
Epigrams on Programming
Simeon's Scotch Program
Toronto Raptors Home Court
Heather Has Two Mommies

Corporate Info

Banners & Signs In 48 Hours
DMS Homepage
Welcome to The Mac Zone
Austin Memory, Inc.
Promise Technology Inc. Home Page
Ascension Technology Corporation
Surplus Software
Net Express
Digital PC Home Page
Mile-High Marketing, Fort Collins
TI Notebook Computers - Product Information


R.B. Schmunk - Rollerblading stuff
Descent WWW Information
HârnPage Index
Playstation Games
Digital Gamescape

Columbia Stuff

LWEB: Columbia Campus Maps
Columbia Road Runners Club

WWW Programs

Mosaic User Authentication Tutorial
The Internet Junkbuster Home Page
Application-Specific Proxy Servers as HTTP Stream Transducers
Filtering the Web using WebFilter
The V6 Web Engine
W3 Access for Blind and Visually Impaired Computer Users
Surflogic LLC Home

Yale C/AIM Web Style Guide
Wily Homepage
Reflection Documentation
Apple Flavored Unix
The MacOS Daily
Mac Error Codes
Plastic Thought
deal-mac. No static cling!
Virtual, the Virtual Window Manager for the Mac
BetterTelnet for Mac OS
Directory of /pub/jumpdev/BetaRelease
Using Windows NT Remote Access Service (RAS) as an Internet "Gateway" for Your Newton
Ambia Corporation - Adobe Acrobat Products and Services Home Page
Nirvana Research site of good stuff
QuickTime TV
Home Automation Product Guide
PICMG - PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group
INSIDE Technology USA, Inc. Home Page.
Trygve's CMM Plug-Ins home
DBI Inc.
INSIDE Technology USA, Inc. - Price List - May 1, 1997
TN 1102: Mac OS 8
Andreas Butz
new york NEXRAD Image
Circuit Specialists, Inc -- Online Catalog
NewMonics Inc.

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how did it go?
Re: patch panels (ethernet and serial)
Mosaic User Authentication Tutorial
Compaq Access - Quick Reference Guide -- Contura Aero
The Mac And Mac Clone Performance Comparison Page
Arcade ROMs
Bradman's Emulation Stop
DiskEssentials Spec Sheet
Passive Backplanes
Terry Morse Software Internet Connection Setup
LiveIndex URLs
Mercury Research 3D Boards Benchmarks
Eizo Flexscan 6600 21" 1600x1200 Hi-Res Paper White Monitor: New!!
Mutoh America Inc. - Video Tablet System
Wacom PL-300 Display Tablet
Tele-Immersion Home Page
Thesis Title Page
High Performance Collaborative VR at EVL
Unix for WINdows
ObjectSpace: Voyager Overview
Outdoor Augmented Reality Data
PNG (Portable Network Graphics) Home Page
WorldView for Macintosh Download Page
EZ-Win - PC Remote Control
SVE v2.0
Apache Week Feature: Using User Authentication