Computer Vision & Machine Learning on Mobile Platforms

Spring 2013

Steps to Develop on an iOS Device

1)Add a new device
You only need to do this one time for each device.

Need UDID or Identifier of device
Option 1:
Xcode > Window > Organizer
Find the device on the left pane
Copy the "identifier" number.

Option 2:
itunes > device page
Click on the "serial number" the UDID should then be displayed in place of the serial number

Add the device in the Provisioning Portal
iOS Dev Center
iOS Provisioning Portal
Add Devices (left column)
Naming Convention:
CUID_iDeviceType (ex: mla2148_iPad2)

2) Developer Certificates
Each developer gets one certificate. You should only need to do this step once. If you need to change machines you will have to revoke your certificate and re-do the process on the new computer. NOTE if you revoke and re-do your certificate you will have to update all of your provisioning files to the new certificate
iOS Dev Center
iOS Provisioning Portal
Development Tab -> Request Certificate
follow the given instructions to create a request with the keychain access and upload that file.
Refresh the page a few times until you can download your certificate.
Make sure to find the file after downloading it and double click. This will automatically add the file to your keychain.

3)Application ID
A new App ID must be created for each new application you will be loading onto your device
iOS Dev Center
iOS Provisioning Portal
App Id
New AppID
Description - This can be anything but it makes sense to include your cuid and project name so it will be easy to remember whose appid's are whose.
BundleID - com.CUID.appName the appName must be the same as the name of your project.

4)Provisioning Profile
Each application you create will need its own Provisioning Profile
iOS Dev Center
Provisioning > Development
New Profile
Name: Should be something similar to the project name
Certificates: Select all the certificates of your team
AppName: Drop down menu, select the App you just created
Devices: Select any device you want to develop on.
NOTE: if you modify your Certificates or add a new devices you will need to update the Provisioning Profile
Refresh page until the "Download" button appears. This is in the web browser. The Refresh button in the organizer will not work for our account type
Download and click on the downloaded file. It will automatically load into Xcode and the Organizer.

In Xcode
In the left pane of the main project window click on your project name.
Select the "Build Settings" Tab.
Go to the "Code Signing" section.
Make sure the "Code Signing Identity" matches the Developer and Provisioning Profile you just created".
Now select the device you want to build on. Either in the top left corner of the Xcode window or through Product>Destination>your device.
Now run the application and it should launch on your device.