Computational Photography

Assignment 2. Classification of Photographs using SVM

Due: March 25th, 2011

In this assignment, we will use Support Vector Machine (SVM) to do some classification of photographs. The software package we will use is LibSVM. On their webpage, download the version for Matlab for this assignment.

Part 1. Beach or Grassland (5%)

In this part, you need to use SVM to classify the photographs into "beach" or "grassland". Here are 120 photographs of "beach", and here are 120 photograhs of "grassland". Please random select half of the data for training, and the rest of the data for testing.

The feature vector you will use is called "Grid-based Color Moment". Here is how to compute this feature vector for a given image:

Part 2. Try Your Favoriate Photograph Classification Task (5%)

This is the part to be creative. Think of some interesting classification tasks for photographs, and also think of some feature vector that you expect to be useful for solving your classification task. You also need to find the images to perform the classification.

Here are some possible classification tasks:

Here are some possible features you might want to look into:

How to Submit Your Assignment?

You should create a webpage for showing your results and explaining what you did. Do not modify the webpage after the due date. Send an email to Oliver Cossairt <> with the URL to your webpage before the due date.