SCARA Calibration

Atanas Georgiev and Peter K. Allen


Coordinate systems

Fig.1: Coordinate systems

This project addressed the need for a program that will automatically determine the transformation between the coordinate frame of an IBM-7575 SCARA robot with a laser range finder mounted on its end-effector and a mobile turntable stage placed anywhere on the robot platform.

The robot, the scanner and the turntable form a scanning platform that we use to obtain 3-D models of real objects placed on the turntable. Since objects come in different shapes, it is necessary to scan them from many different viewpoints. This is achieved by turning the turntable. In order to stitch the scans we obtain this way into a coherent single 3-D model we need to have an accurate estimate of the relative positions and orientations of the laser scanner and the turntable.

This project investigates the issue of how to automatically determine the needed transformation.



Fig.2: Our hardware setup

Our hardware setup consists of: